San Draw


IV Trainer

San Draw Medical IV trainer simulates

the whole process of intravenous injection.

The skin is made of silicone rubber with San

Draw's FAM 3D printing technology, and it

can be customized in terms of the hardness

of skin, diameter of vein, and depth of vein.

The skin pads are replaceable and affordable

to encourage more practices.

Skin Pad

Replace the skin pad in 30 seconds!

Skin pad can be quickly replaced during practices or exams.

Each self sealing skin pad is good for more than 100 punctures.

FAM Technology
With San Draw's FAM 3D printing technology, the IV trainer is a perfect
combination of medical education and latest technology.
Feel as real skin

Made of silicone rubber, the IV

trainer provides realistic feedback

as needle enters the simulated

multi-venous network.


Customize an IV trainer to simulate people with

different physical conditions without the hassle.

1.6 / 3.2
2.0 / 4.0
3.0 / 5.0