The Problem Faced

by Aesthetic Surgeons

Predicting and quantifying the precise amount of augmentation required in common augmentation procedures.

The Solution Presented by San Draw and Bluestar

San Draw has developed a 3D printing silicone facial implant solution using Bluestar's implant grade material designed to create the exact, custom augmentation required by the aesthetic surgeon.

Compared to standard implants, which require extensive modification in operating rooms, San Draw’s on-demand, custom 3D printed silicone implants will save surgery time and cost for the aesthetic surgeon and the patient.

San Draw’s silicone facial implants are 3D printed using unique computer- aided design (CAD) files of each patient to deliver patient-specific silicone implants to surgeons.

Introducing a New Face in Silicone Implants

San Draw Uses Bluestar Long Term Implant Silicone Material to Create Custom, 3D Printed, Facial Implants

Features and Benefits

of San Draw's 3D Printed Custom Implants


100% customized

implant for each patient

High Quality Material:

Bluestar's long term implant silicone

Hassle-Free Process:

No manual trimming

required for 3D printed implants

About San Draw

San Draw developed the world's first full-color,adjustable hardness, multi-material (FAM) 3D printing technology for silicone rubber to be used in medical applications*.

The company is working with Bluestar to create customized long term implant applications. San Draw has offices in California and Taiwan.

*FDA Approval in 2018 (target)